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The Victorian Laser Skirmish Association Homepage




What is Laser Skirmish?

Laser Skirmish is a sport, a game played mostly outdoors (as opposed to indoor Laser Tag) with individuals or teams trying to tag other players with beams of infrared light fired from a tagger. There can be other game objectives added, such as capturing a point, or disarming a simulated bomb, but the primary focus is to tag out opponents. Laser Skirmish requires a numb...er of skills, it takes practice to be able to spot, track, and aim at opponents, especially in outdoor environments.

What is Combat Simulations?

Combat Simulations are events using laser skirmish technology but as a simulation rather than a sport. In Combat Simulations (Combat Sims, ComSims), it is all about working as a team, tagging out opponents can be part of the experience, but it is more important to achieve the objectives. These objectives may be to ambush the other team, or to capture an asset, or even to perform recon without being detected by the opponents. Often newcomers to ComSims are frustrated that they haven't been able to tag opponents through lack of opportunity or aiming skill. After a few events (called Deployments) not only does aiming skill increase, participants start to enjoy the experience and depth of the simulation over the thrill of tagging an opponent.

What is the Victorian Laser Skirmish Association?

The VLSA is a not-for-profit sporting association that organises skirmish events for laser skirmish enthusiasts in Victoria, Australia. As a Combat Simulations International partner the VLSA hosts Combat Simulations Deployments in Victoria, and is an active part of the Combat Simulations International community. For 2012 the VLSA are transitioning to running laser skirmish day events every second month on a Saturday, and Combat Simulations Deployments on the alternate months also on a Saturday. The VLSA currently has a 18+ age requirement at all events.

What is Combat Simulations International?

Combat Simulations International is a small, tight-knit community dedicated to developing a realistic modern combat experience. ComSims is based in Queensland, Australia, and provides community developed resources for partner organisations. These resources include a detailed storyline that continues across deployments, mission scenarios, online and onsite training, and scenario rules. The ComSims online forums are very active but access is restricted, available with endorsement to those who have participated in at least one Combat Simulations Deployment. Combat Simulations has an 18+ age requirement.

What is FragTag?

FragTag is a laser skirmish technology company located in Victoria, Australia. FragTag are developing advanced combat simulation systems, and are an integral part of both the VLSA and the ComSims community. FragTag provide the VLSA with infra-red electronic taggers, simulated field resupply devices, simulated medical devices and other simulation accessories.

Who plays laser skirmish and/or Combat Simulations?

Our members are generally welcoming and easy going, enjoy team work and competition, and often have a some of the following points in common:

  • An interest in military topics - tactics, strategy, or the military in general.

  • An interest in First Person Shooter video games, with modern conflict themes such as BF3, MOH, COD.

  • Have played paintball and then discovered laser skirmish.

  • An interest in modern military re-enactment or cosplay

  • Modifying toy guns for cosplay or filmmaking.

I want to come along, what do I need to do?

If you would like to attend a deployment simply send us an email and ask to be registered for the upcoming game. We will reply and confirm your registration. You will be given a link to an online form that you need to fill in before you attend the game. The form will add your contact details to our membership database. It only needs to be filled in once.

If you would just like to be put on our event notification list, send in an email and we will add you to the list. You will receive an email 3-4 weeks before each deployment and you can reply to that if you wish to attend. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Further event details will be emailed in the week leading up to the event, make sure you read these carefully and are clear on the directions and arrival time.


I'm registered for an event, what do I need to bring?

As you will be spending the day outdoors, everything you bring must be able to withstand the elements. Details of what you need to bring will be emailed in the week leading up to the event.
Fully enclosed boots or runners must be worn for safety reasons, along with long pants, and a long sleeved shirt is recommended. It is an advantage to wear camouflage clothing, camouflage shirts and pants are available to loan from a VLSA member (a laundry fee is not charged but donations are accepted).

Some locations have amenities such as taps for drinking water and bathrooms, however it is your responsibility to bring an adequate amount of water (at least 2L), some food for yourself to consume throughout an event, and a means to carry some of it with you. It is compulsory for all participants to have water and a small amount of food with them at all times while active, and have additional supplies stored at the administration area. For water, some participants use a hydration bladder in a backpack, others carry water canteens on their belts, and others have water bottle holders for store bought bottled water. For food, some participants store food such as muesli bars and trail mix in a tactical vest, others use a backpack, and others use clothing pockets.

How do I get more involved?

As both the VLSA and CombatSims are community organisations, there is many ways you can contribute. Talk to the Admin staff at an event or email TheVLSAInc@gmail.com and tell us what you would like to offer, sign up to the combat sims forums, join the VLSA private group on facebook, and read up on what is currently under discussion - there is a lot of great ideas that have already been considered but a fresh perspective can bring about significant improvements.