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The Victorian Laser Skirmish Association Homepage

The VLSA use infra red electronic gear supplied by FragTag.

The tagger fires an invisible, harmless, beam of infra red light (just like a tv remote control) and this is detected by the sensors that each player wears. Most of the taggers in the VLSA Arsenal are called the Predator, these are a cast aluminium body which is very strong.

LCT Predator          

Each tagger shares several common components:

  • LCD Display: Shows health remaining, rounds in current mag and the amount of mags left. It also has a toggling display area which changes between fire mode, game time and player ID.

  • Trigger: Pull to fire.

  • Fire select button: Changes the firing mode of the tagger, full auto, 3 shot burst or single shot.

  • Keyswitch: Used to turn each tagger on at the start of the game.

  • Simport: Used for changing playerID, using physical ammo mags (FragMag) or bandages (FFD- FragTag Field Dressing)

  • Red dot scope: This is an aiming device which produces a tiny red dot and circle in the center of the viewing area. The unit has a rotating dial at the top which selects the brightness of the dot. 0 is off.

  • Odin port: Used for collecting scores at the end of the game.

  • Sensors: Each player wears a set of sensors which are attached to the tagger via a long curly cord. The sensor consists of two domes and are attached to a hat or headband using hook and loop fasteners.


In addition to the player carried tagger, there are several accessories that are used on the field.

The Odin master controller is used to set up all aspects of the game. At the start of a game all the variables are set into the Odin and it is uesd to start each player in the game. It can also collect scores and tabulate a player rank, as well as a team rank.

The Utility box can be configured for each game depending on the requirements. It can be a medic box, respawn point, ammo supply, repair tool and can even act as a 'domination' point. Often one player in each team will be the team medic and will be given a Utility box set as a medic unit. For some games a Utility box will be set to respawn only and will be placed inside a wooden crate. Its output is connected to a multi LED array which allows it to respawn many players at once.

The FFD or FragTag Feild Dressing is a bandage simulator that a player can use to stop bleeding. Depending on the game type, simulated bleeding can be turned on and when a player gets hit, as well as losing initial health, they will also start bleeding at a certain rate. The bandage must be held against the simport for a period of 10 seconds. During this time they cannot shoot but can still be shot. If the bandaging is interrupted, by losing contact with the simport or being shot, the bandaging will need to be restarted.

The Thor's Hammer is a prop device, used to simulate a timed explosion. It can be configured with different countdown times and a code is used to arm it or disarm it. The box contains a loud speaker as well as several infra red emitters. When the Thor's Hammer is armed it counts down the seconds to detonation and plays an audible ticking sound, at the same time it is also emitting 'radiation' which causes 2 points of damage to any players nearby. The box also contains a motion sensor, so if the box is picked up and moved too much it will detonate.

The Cerberus Claymore is a remotely controlled mine that has many infra red emitting LEDs on its surface. It can be carried by a player and put into position to defend an area or as part of an ambush. It is armed by pressing the 'A' button on the remote and is detonated by pressing the 'C' button (jokingly referred to as CA-BOOM!).


There are also numerous other props used throughout games. These add to the realism and provide players with actual hands on gear to be used in each mission. Props include, the satelitte uplink tower with comms case, assorted networking devices, Surface to Air Missile launcher and Photo IDs for VIP's!